Ketchikan Charter Fishing

Salmon Charter Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska!

A days payload from our Salmon Fishing Charters in Ketchikan, Alaska!
Haul in Alaskan Salmon by the boat load!

Chasin’ Tail Charters is an salmon charter fishing outfitter that is owned and operated by lifelong Alaskan fisherman “Captain Nick”.  Over decades of refinement and thousands of successful excursions — the Captain has perfected an unparalleled, world-class charter fishing experience.  Come take part in the thrilling adventure that is Alaskan Sportfishing!

Our motto is “Your Trip, Your Way” – We take great pride in offering the most highly curated and personalized salmon charter fishing experience in Ketchikan.  On our fishing trip expect that our personable and informative Captain will be a welcomed mentor on all things charter fishing — from safety to fishing techniques you will use to outfox the most powerful fish Alaska has to offer.  You will find that your Captain has a real knack for charter fishing — perhaps only equalled by his passion to share this great adventure! We are honored we can share with you all the sights, sounds, flora and fauna Alaska has to offer!

Drop a line with our salmon charter fishing and you won't regret it!
Bringing in Wild Alaska Salmon is unforgettable!

On your voyage you will be chartered to coveted salmon fishing hot spots known to only a select few!  Whether you’re an expert angler or dropping a line for the very first time, we provide you with the best mix of location, equipment, personal attention and training to ensure you haul in the big ones in like a seasoned pro!

Chasin’ Tail Charters in Ketchikan, Alaska will leave you with an unforgettable Alaskan sportfishing experience — but don’t worry about being accused of telling tall tales, take home your catch and prove your fishing prowess at the next BBQ!

At a reasonable additional fee, your catch will be processed, preserved & delivered to your front door whenever is most convenient to you.



$200.00 Per Person (Half Day or 4 to 6 hours.)

(4 person minimum & 6 person maximum.)

$400.00 Per Person (Full Day or 8 hours.)

(4 person minimum & 6 person maximum.)

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This is what you’ll do during your Salmon Charter experience with Chasin’ Tail Charters in Ketchikan!

Huge salmon in Ketchikan, Alaska await your next sportfishing charter!
Everyone has a chance to haul in a massive salmon on our sportfishing charters!

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