Kid’s Corner

Hey kids, before you come fishing with Captain Nick and Chasin’ Tail Charters, there’s a few things I thought you’d want to know.

You’re coming to Ketchikan!

Where is Ketchikan? It’s in the great state of Alaska and the easiest way to know where Ketchikan is in Alaska is to use your hand. On the hand map (see left), Ketchikan is right around the thumb nail!

And Fishing for Salmon!

You’ll be fishing for salmon and there are 5 types of salmon. Each one has two different names:

  1. King (chinook)
  2. Sockeye (red)
  3. Coho (silver)
  4. Pink (humpback)
  5. Chum (dog)

It can be hard to remember all the types of salmon and their names, so I’m going to teach you an easy way to remember them. Now we’ll use the fingers on your hand (see right):

  1. Thumb rhymes with Chum
  2. You can sock someone’s eye out with your pointer finger, so that’s your Sockeye
  3. Your middle finger is the largest finger, so that’s our King
  4. You would put a silver ring on your ring finger, so that’s your Silver
  5. And then the easy one, your pinky is Pink!

Want to know what it’s like?

Here are some pictures of kids just like you out on Chasin’ Tail with Captain Nick!

I can’t wait to have you join me out on the boat this summer! Let’s catch a bunch of fish!

Captain Nick